Try the eight-minute audio meditation!  It features the voice talent of Bob Metoxen.

The Christian Meditation app for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch will assist Christians with learning the important art of meditation. In Christian meditation the object is to focus on our Lord and the empowering words He has given to us. The Christian Meditation app will assist you in developing the focus you need to practice the art of Christian meditation.

There are three meditation tools:

  1. 1.Audio Meditation

Experience an energizing eight-minute meditation on God’s Word.

  1. 2.The Five-Minute Christian Meditation

Use it for quick spiritual energy or as a first meditation exercise.  The app includes ten meditation choices.

  1. 3.Four Scriptural Meditations

Grow spiritually with longer meditations that offer more challenge.

As a bonus, the app includes two quizzes to increase your knowledge about meditation. One quiz is on Biblical Meditation, and the other is on Meditation of the Saints.

God bless you in your desire to learn more about meditation!